About TarotWorks

Offering Insight and Clarity through the Tarot

 Jeanne Fiorini, founder and owner of TarotWorks, brings over 25 years' experience to her work as a Tarot practitioner, teacher, and author, offering a unique blend of knowledge, wisdom, and wit.  
With formal training in both collaborative mediation and psychosynthesis counseling, Jeanne brings practical guidance and useful information to all her readings, classes, and groups. 


Professional Experience

In addition to her work as a Tarot reader and teacher, Jeanne contributed  monthly articles for the American Tarot Association’s website between 2011 and 2013. Her first book Invitation to Wonder was published in 2002; her second book, Tarot Spreads and Layouts: A User's Manual for Beginning and Intermediate Readers, is now available at your local bookstore or on Amazon.com. (Click here for more info on this popular book.)   

In 2011 Jeanne initiated a series of YouTube "Tarot Tips" videos. For this and other work, Jeanne was a 2011 "Tarosophist of the Year" nominee, an award presented by Tarot Professionals to those "taking Tarot to whole new levels of innovative development, to a new audience, or otherwise promoting Tarot in a positive, engaging and informed manner."   

Jeanne hosts a variety of Tarot-related special programs throughout the year, including a monthly Tarot Salon reading circle, the very popular New Year's Intention Map Making workshop, and the "Archetypes of Women's Power" workshop designed especially for women looking to validate their own unique way of moving through the world. 

 Watch Jeanne's YouTube interview  on "Christiana's Psychic Café"   

Words from Clients and Students

 "Jeanne’s clients can expect integrity, expertise and someone with a true gift. I think it’s important for anyone looking for either a teacher or a reader to know when they are lucky enough to deal with the best."    ...KB  

 "If you are interested in the Tarot on any level, sign up for one of Jeanne's classes, buy her book and subscribe on YouTube. You will be so grateful. I certainly am.       ........AA

 "Jeanne's readings are full of spirit and inspiration. She clearly has a gift and uses it for those seeking peace of mind and a connection to their spirit. Thank you!"       ......CM 

 "Jeanne has an uncanny ability to speak clearly and directly to the heart of the matter. She has a way of bringing the sub-conscious to the table so we both know what we're really dealing with. I can rely on her to bring accuracy and impartiality to her readings."     ....... KP