Tarot Readings


Tarot readings for individuals can be held in person, via telephone or Skype.

Clients are invited to record their session on their iphone
or other digital device.

In-Person Sessions
Half-Hour Reading  $50
Full reading
Celtic Layout/75 minutes  $120    

Couples Reading
 90 minute joint session     $150 

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Phone and Skype Readings
Half-hour Reading: $60
45 minute Reading:   $80
Full Celtic Reading:  $125

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    Gift Certificates are available in any denomination 

A 12-hour cancellation notification is required for all sessions. 

Pre-payment via PayPal is required for all phone or Skype readings.  


Perfect for birthdays, weddings, showers, book groups, corporate events, and celebrations!


 Groups of 4-10 people: $120 per hour
Groups of 4-10 people have the option of individual, private readings or "Circle Readings" where readings are done with the entire group on hand.

The individual sessions offer privacy; the group readings allow for support, feedback, and the opportunity for continuing conversation about the contents of the readings. 

The latter is an excellent choice for groups where the members are familiar with one another.
Both reading formats are effective, it's simply a matter of group member preference.

The reading fee can be paid by the host/organization or divided
among the participants.

For Groups of 10 or more people:  $150 per hour
Private individual readings are the best option for groups larger than 10 people.

Travel expenses will be incurred for locations 20 minutes beyond the Portland Maine area. 



"The purpose of a reading is to have the conversation that will be of  greatest value to you in that moment. "

Are there matters about which you'd like more information?

 Where is there confusion in your life?

Are there certain relationships that are challenging for you?

Would you benefit from the confirmation of your inner strength?

Would you like an opportunity to have greater trust in your intuition?

What can you do to create a life about which you are excited and engaged?

Would you enjoy the unique experience of integrating your conscious mind with unconscious knowing?

 A Tarot reading can provide information, guidance, and support for any life issue.
With clear information we can make better choices for ourselves ...
the Tarot can help get us there!