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 Introduction to the Major Arcana
The Archetypes of Human Experience

This 20-minute recorded class
offers a birds-eye view of Tarot's
"images of transformation:"
*what/who they are
* what they represent
*what impact they have on us  

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Major Arcana I
Major Arcana II
Major Arcana III 

Learn Tarot Starter Kit


Here's the perfect "first step" toward an understanding of the structure behind the Tarot deck.


The Starter Kit contains four lessons in downloadable PDF Files:

Lesson #1: Seven Core Principles of the Tarot

Lesson #2: The Four Elements:
Foundation of Existence

Lesson #3: Number Symbolism in the Tarot:
A Tie That Binds

Lesson #4: Putting it All Together

Lessons include essential information setting a solid base on which you can build a working relationship with your Tarot cards.
Each lesson comes with suggested exercises for study and reflection.

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More Learning Resources Coming Soon


Upcoming lessons  include:

Overview of the Court Cards

Major Arcana Insights

Reading Cards for Others

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