Client Comments



"Jeanne’s clients can expect integrity, expertise and someone with a true gift.
I think it’s important for anyone looking for either a teacher or a reader to know when they are lucky enough to deal with the best."    ...Kimberly B . 

"If you are interested in the Tarot on any level, sign up for one of Jeanne's classes, buy her book and subscribe on YouTube. You will be so grateful. I certainly am."       ........Andrea A.

"Jeanne's readings are full of spirit and inspiration. She clearly has a gift and uses it for those seeking peace of mind and a connection to their spirit. Thank you!"       ......Candice M .

"Jeanne has an uncanny ability to speak clearly and directly to the heart of the matter. She has a way of bringing the sub-conscious to the table so we both know what we're really dealing with. I can rely on her to bring accuracy and impartiality to her readings."     ....... Kelly M.

Google and Yelp -- Five Stars!


Jeanne has earned a 5-star review
on both Google and Yelp.

Here' what one Yelp customer had to say:

 "All I can say is she had me convinced from the first card (s) flipped.  
She said things so precise and dead on that I had no choice to believe
what she was telling me.  
Very professional,  and personable.
 Made us feel comfortable with the process and gave us plenty of opportunity to ask questions along the way.
Can't recommend her enough."

    .... Elizabeth C.  

... having a reading for yourself 

...readings with your friends co-workers, book group, or special event
....a reading for a friend who might benefit from the support and wisdom 

of the Tarot.

Shared Connections


Tarot readings for group and events 

can offer new avenues for conversation and helpful insights between friends and co-workers. 


"Thank you Jeanne! We were blown away and your guidance made the experience much richer. We’ve been referring to our cards nonstop!"

... Megan K., after her bachelorette party


 "My friend shared with me a lot of what you told her during her reading and from what I know of her situation, I thought it was completely amazing that you were able to zero in so accurately on her issues.  I think the reading was very helpful to her at a really difficult time."   

... Michelle K. after gifting her friend with a Tarot Reading